Excel Data Import And Analysis

EnginExcel builds bespoke spreadsheets to import lab instruments and production machinery data in Excel and automatically analyse it.

Some time ago I had to do some tests which implied using a lab balance to record a series of weights. The process was normally done by manually record the weights in a spreadsheet and then analysing them.  This type of approach is time consuming and the risk of doing “human” errors while recording the data is high.

I discovered that the balance allowed the possibility of being connected to a laptop and record the measured weights on a txt file. I then created a spreadsheet that automatically imported the data from the file, filtered them to extract the weights and do some analysis. This was a considerable improvement in the quality of my data and in the time needed to obtain it.

Machinery data import and analysis examples

  • Import and elaboration of weight data from lab balance
  • Automated batch report with statistics
  • Calibration procedure for liquid dosator
  • Zoom and scroll of an Excel scatter plot chart (see example)

To see some examples of the automation of my spreadsheets, visit my Free spreadsheets page.