Mechanical Modelling Spreadsheets

EnginExcel designs customised spreadsheets to help Mechanical Engineers in the process of modelling mechanical systems.

During my career as a Mechanical Engineer I have worked in companies with very different sizes. Big companies normally have the resources needed for buying expensive analysis software (e.g. FEA, multibody analysis, etc.). Smaller companies still need to do some modelling, but have to find the resources internally. Most Engineers are proficient with Excel and can find a solution to their simulations but, when the problem is more complex and Excel is not enough for solving it, the integration of VBA can be very helpful and add the level of automation needed to create proficient simulations.


Mechanical modelling spreadsheets examples

  • Static and kinematic analysis of a mechanism with animation
  • Calculation of the heat transfer profile in a component
  • Motion profiles generation

To see some examples of my work, visit my Free spreadsheets page.