Project Management Spreadsheets

EnginExcel helps Project Managers who work in Mechanical Engineering companies to customise spreadsheets to automatically handle and analyse project data.

Part of my day-to-day job involves managing projects. This requires me to focus on respecting timelines, checking costs, making sure that all the people working on the project are going in the right direction. I know the human mind is not perfect and it’s impossible to constantly remember all the data, all the things to do and all the milestones to respect. In my opinion a good project manager knows how to handle data, how to keep everything in the right place and well organised. Excel is a great tool for that, since it allows to store everything in one place, but also to analyse it.

When the data starts to be too big, the integration of Excel and VBA can be the right solution. Adding some automation to a well organised spreadsheet transforms it from a good data storage to a good data analyser.

As an example, this is the reason why I created the To do list spreadsheet. At the beginning I only recorded a list of things to do on a spreadsheet. When I saw that the list was starting to grow too much and it was difficult to extract the right data at the right time, I decided to add some automation, which proved to be really useful.

Project management spreadsheets examples

  • Import and analysis of hours/costs of a project
  • Employees availability
  • Project to do list (see example)
  • Template for project setup
  • Gantt chart generator
  • Documents list with automated name and version update

To see some examples of automated spreadsheets, visit my Free spreadsheets page.