Excel Dashboard Design

EnginExcel uses an user-friendly design and customised colour palettes to deliver nice looking Excel dashboards to Project Managers and Mechanical Engineers.

When I work on my design projects I find very interesting to go in the detail of the problems, but I also notice that I must be able to get the bigger picture to be aware of where we are and where we are heading to. This is especially important when showing the project status to the stakeholders (either my boss or our customers). I find fundamental to be able to summarise as much information as possible in a synthetic and tidy way. This helps me to provide a clear picture of the project, and my boss/customer to get an overview without having to spend a lot of time going into too much detail.

I think dashboards can really help to achieve this target. The quality of a dashboard is connected to various factors, which include:

  • Picking the right data to show (= understanding what the data means)
  • Showing the data in the right medium - chart, numbers, conditional formatting, filters, etc. (= understanding what the user is looking for)
  • Giving the page the right look (= understanding where the user is going to look first)

I find the last point is normally not stressed enough. A good-looking dashboard helps to look more professional in front of our stakeholders, but also to drag the user's attention to the right place without being distracted by clashing colours and mixed bolds and italics.

In the last years I have developed a great passion for photography, which helped me to get a better understanding of how colours fit together and how objects have to be organised in space to look nicer. The combination of this and my understanding of Mechanical Engineering and Project Management makes EnginExcel the right partner for developing efficient and good looking dashboards.

Excel Dashboard Design Examples

  • Dashboard for displaying machinery performance data
  • Dashboard with test data and chart navigating tool
  • Project dashboard

To see some examples of how my spreadsheets look, visit my Free spreadsheets page.