EnginExcel FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

If you have a question in mind, you may find the answer on this page. If not, feel free to contact me.

Do you have an example of your work?

I have a free material section in this website, where you can download examples of spreadsheets that I use in my day-to-day job.

I am not sure if I need your help

If you think that I may be able to help you but still don't know how, you can contact me. We can evaluate your working procedures together and I can suggest some ideas. I offer this service for free.

I don’t know if Excel is the right choice for my project

Microsoft Excel is a great tool because most employees are already familiar with it. However, in some cases a more formal programming language (e.g. C++, Java, etc.) may be needed because of functionality or complexity requirements. I will never start a project if I think Excel is not the best choice for my customer.

I’m not sure if this is a good investment for my company

Manning cost is generally a high and hidden cost for most companies. Reducing repetitive tasks can therefore provide good value for money. Before starting a project we can work out together whether my service will pay itself back.

I fear that by working remotely you will offer me a lower quality service

Depending on the requirements I get in contact with my clients in different ways:

  • Phone: when discussing general tasks
  • Microsoft Teams: when we need to share screen and voice in real time
  • Remote assistance: when remote control of the PC is needed

These tools guarantee the same level of assistance that you would get by meeting me in person, but save you the travelling time.

I fear that by working part time you will offer me a lower quality service

By working part time on EnginExcel I can guarantee my customers an all-round consultancy service that also includes my day-to-day experience in mechanical design, simulation and project management. I think this gives added value that increases the quality of the service you receive.

How do I know this really works?

You don’t need to, since I operate a 100% guarantee on my service. You will only pay for my work at the end of the project and if you are 100% happy with the service received. There is no risk upfront.

I don’t know how to use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Will I be able to use your spreadsheets?

As a general approach I use Excel native functions as much as possible to make the spreadsheet easier to read and to use. If VBA is needed, the macros that I create run on the back of the spreadsheet and don’t need any kind of intervention by the user.

How can I hire you?

See How to hire section.

I'm not based in The Netherlands. Can I hire you?

Since I mostly work remotely I am able to assist people from all over the world. We can schedule meeting hours that fit both of us.

I worry about sharing my sensitive data

I am happy to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if required. I can either sign a form provided by you or suggest a form myself.