How to hire EnginExcel

If you would like to hire me for a project there are a few steps I suggest you follow:

1. First contact

The best way to contact me for the first time is by email. We can then organise a phone call to discuss your needs.

2. Requirements definition

During our first call we will better define what you are looking to obtain from the spreadsheet. My approach is to help my customers to understand if and where they can improve their work by using Excel. This service is provided for free.

At the end of this process we will work together to detail a list of features. This normally includes an answer to most of these questions:

  • What is the purpose of the spreadsheet?
  • Which functionalities are needed from the spreadsheet?
  • Which data should the spreadsheet receive as input?
  • Which data should the spreadsheet provide as output?
  • Where is data imported from (file, manual insertion, etc.)?
  • Is the amount of data constant or may it change in time?
  • Are a few examples of input data available?
  • Does the spreadsheet have to interact with other spreadsheets/documents (input or output)?
  • Do you need scheduled backups of the data in the spreadsheet?
  • Who is going to use the spreadsheet? Are there any permission requirements (e.g. password, access levels, etc.)?
  • Are poke-yoke (= foolproof) features required? Does the spreadsheet have to handle exceptions?
  • Which documentation/training material is needed?
  • Are there any style requirements (colour, visibility, aspect of the first page to be shown, etc.)?
  • Do you have time constraints for this project?
  • Do you want to be regularly updated on the development status of the spreadsheet?
  • Is there a possibility of future development of the spreadsheet? If so, in which direction?
  • Do you require ongoing assistance/development?
  • Is Excel available in the company? If so, which version?
  • Does the company use Windows or Mac?
3. Execution of the project

If you are willing to proceed with the work we will sign a contract that defines the scope of the project. I normally propose a fixed price for my projects. After this I will start working on the spreadsheet. I am willing to sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if required.

I normally update my customers through WebEx calls, where I can share my screen.

4. Spreadsheet delivery

When the spreadsheet is ready we organise a joint WebEx where the customer can see all the features of the spreadsheet and verify its functionality after the installation on the system.

5. Ongoing assistance

I provide a 6 month guarantee on my services. In case remote assistance is needed I use Windows Quick Assist, which is compatible with all Windows computers.

6. Payment

I operate a 100% guarantee on my work. If you are not 100% happy with the result I will refund you the payment.

If you need an Excel consultant for your company, but also if you just want to ask a simple question, contact me know.