Excel Automation

EnginExcel uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to add automation to Excel spreadsheets. The service is customised for Mechanical Engineering companies.


In my daily life I am very keen on adding as much automation as possible to my routines. I think that it's a shame to spend time to repeat operations that could be done quickly or automatically.

For example, I used to spend half an hour every week to prepare the grocery shopping list. It was a repetitive operation where I had to go through my recipes, copy the list of ingredients I had to buy, and then add the common ingredients. It was a shame to waste time doing that every week, so I decided to prepare a program to do that automatically.

I use the same approach at work. I create templates for documents that I know I will create multiple times and I automate spreadsheets if I have to do the same operation more than once. For example, I recently had to modify the formatting of 50 spreadsheets which had the same structure but contained data from different projects. To avoid opening 50 files and manually copy and paste the properties, I prepared a template and used a macro to go through the sheets and automatically update the formatting without changing the data.

Adding automation to a spreadsheet can help to save a lot of time, but also to avoid human errors, which can be detrimental for a project and very hard to reduce.

Excel Automation Examples

To see the automation of my spreadsheets, visit my Free spreadsheets page.