Free spreadsheets

This page shows some spreadsheets that I use on a day-to-day basis in my work. These spreadsheets can be downloaded and are free for personal and commercial use.


Servo motor sizing spreadsheet allows to calculate a combination of motors and gearboxes that fits a user-defined working condition. The results can be sorted depending on various parameters (e.g. Speed, torque, safety ratio, etc.).


To do list spreadsheet helps you to create a list of things to do. Items can then be ordered and filtered by different parameters (e.g. due date, importance, responsible, etc).

I use it daily at work and at home. It helps me to remember things that I would otherwise forget.

It's a must-have in my computer.


Car Service Schedule spreadsheet allows to plan and record the services due on a car. It is especially suited to people who do their own maintenance.



Zoom Chart Excel spreadsheet allows the user to zoom and scroll scattered plot charts and navigate the data more easily. It's available as a spreadsheet and also as an Excel plugin.

I use it every time I need to get into the details of my test results.


Time card calculator allows the user to quickly record employees' working hours. With a simple click you can record the entrance and exit times. The spreadsheet also creates a customisable report.

I use it daily to record the number of hours that I work on my projects.


EnginExcel free spreadsheets are tested on Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 for Windows. Microsoft Excel for Mac is currently not compatible.

To activate the functionalities of the spreadsheets you may need to click on Enable editing and Enable content after opening it for the first time. 

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