Excel To Do List

Excel To do list provides a quick and simple method of organising all your to do's in one place. It includes calendar and Gantt chart functions.

Version: 1.0.1
Compatibility: Excel 2007 and later for Windows

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Featured spreadsheet

During my working day I very often find the need of writing down the tasks that I have left to do. This is very useful when I work on different projects at the same time and each project has a lot of different tasks. I find really frustrating if I have to keep everything in my mind, it feels like all my mental space is occupied by the list of things to do.

Some time ago I created an automated to do list spreadsheet, which you can find here. Recently I came across this To do list spreadsheet designed by XLAutomation, an Australian company specialised in spreadsheet consulting and development. Compared to the To do list that I created, their product is very detailed. It allows several customisations and features. For example, it automatically creates a calendar and a Gantt chart including the to dos left in your schedule.

For these reasons I decided to feature their product in my website.

Excel To Do List overview

To Do List is where all the things that you need to get done are organised in one place. To Do List includes functions that automate the organisation of your to do tasks and let you focus on the things that need to get done now.

Simply create a To Do List (let's say Travel), add all the tasks required to achieve your travel goal, give each a priority and estimated time of effort, then use 'Auto-Schedule' to create an automated plan. You can have as many To Do Lists as you need, colour coded to make them easily recognisable.

Creating your To do lists

To create a new To Do List click on the "Add" button and enter the list Name, Description, which days of the week and number of hours you will work on this To Do List. After clicking "Add List" the list is ready for tasks to be added. As each task is added the Dashboard and other analysis features are automatically updated.

Today's focus

Use Today's Focus to view the highest priority unfinished activities for the day. You can update directly from Today's Focus into your lists. This feature enables a simple but effective method of avoiding procrastination and working on the most important things in your lists.

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Video tutorials

For a more detailed demonstration click on any of the Video Tutorials below.

Getting started

This is an overview video to show the main functionalities of your To Do List spreadsheet.

Create List

The first step after registering your To Do List is to create a new list that is specific for you. This video demonstrates the steps involved in creating your first list, including the configuration of categories for your list.

Add Items

Once your To Do List is created you can to start adding tasks/items to the list. In this video you will see what happens when adding new tasks to the list and how the automated "Warnings" guide your entry of these.

Auto Schedule

One of the most useful features of To Do List is the ability to Auto-Schedule your unfinished activities and set the Start and Due Dates automatically based on the list configuration and estimated effort for each item. Auto-Schedule can be used repeatedly when you complete a task or add a new one to ensure your activities are scheduled efficiently.

Customise To Do List

When you start a new list the default configuration will get you started quickly. For advanced users the Customise functions will let you get more out of To Do List, including custom sorts, adding columns and specific values for your select lists. This video gives you a step by step demonstration of those advanced features and how you can use them to enhance your use of To Do List.


To help you focus on the things that matter, To Do List has been designed with a series of Analysis features that focus on the key aspects of To Do List that need your attention. This video demonstrates each of those features and how you can use them to get the most out of To Do List.

Key benefits

  • Track multiple To Do Lists: create as many To Do Lists as you need for different parts of your life.
  • Calculated Start Dates based on effort: To Do List takes care of the mundane calculations, you just estimate the effort required, then the due and start dates are calculated for you.
  • Automated updates: dashboard updates automatically when you add, delete or update tasks. The display on the dashboard is updated to reflect the % completed and remaining activities.
  • Customisation: pop-up forms have been designed to lead you step by step through the configuration of your To Do Lists.
  • Search: if you need to find something in any To Do List simply use Ctrl+f to find the item you are looking for.
  • Better analysis: with your tasks spread over many days and weeks a view that shows the future plan helps you to know when tasks will need to be actioned.
  • % Complete: the dashboard provides a simple and effective snapshot of % complete across all To Do Lists and for specific ones.
  • Custom ribbon: the custom ribbon makes navigation easy, displaying all commands to control your worksheets. Functions are broken into sections to quickly and easily find the action you need.
  • Worksheet filtering: helps you analyse specific parts of your To Do List.
  • Monthly calendar view: see all your tasks on a calendar view to give you a quick snapshot of what is coming up next week and later in the month. You can edit tasks directly from the calendar.
  • Tutorials: video tutorials to get you started, comprehensive user guide, To Do List specific forum and included support, means you will always have access to any question you have on To Do List.